el difusor shares / el difusor comparte

to share (third-person singular simple present shares, present participle sharing, simple past and past participle shared) 1. To give part of what one has to somebody else to use or consume. 2. To have in common. 3. To divide and distribute compartir Etimología: Del latín compartiri y éste de cum (con) y partire (dividir) Verbo 1. Dividir algo y repartirlo. 2. Dejar participar a otros en lo que es de uno. 3. Referido a ideas o sentimientos, tener los mismos que otra persona.


The Proposition (2005)

"…’When’ said the moon to the stars in the sky

'Soon' said the wind that followed the moon

'Who' said the cloud that started to cry

'Me' said the rider, dry as bone…”


Mexican Actress María Félix Celebrated on the Centennial of Her Birth

Today marks the centennial of the birth of famed Mexican actress María Félix. Born María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña in the small town of Álamos, Sonora, María is said to have been discovered as she was walking down a street in Mexico City, where she moved soon after divorcing her first husband at the age of 24. She would be married another four times. Once to fellow actor, Jorge Negrete, and another to musician, Agustín Lara, who composed "María Bonita” as a loving tribute and wedding gift.

Considered brash and arrogant by some, but admired for her wit and impeccable style by many more, María Félix is widely considered the most beautiful and charismatic leading lady of Mexican cinema’s golden age (Época de Oro). Nicknamed “la doña” (the boss lady), her bright star still shines for many inspired by her words and style.

Theaters, museums, and civil institutions in Mexico City, New York City, and other parts of the world, honored María Bonita today by recognizing her contributions to the arts.

Félix died 12 years ago today on her birthday, April 8, 2002. She was 88.

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Vivre Sa Vie - Jean-Luc Godard - 1962

Sady Rebbot, Anna Karina, Jack Florency, Maria Falconetti

“Damm it Jim! I am a Doctor not a film noir protagonist…..wait a minute!!!“ DeForest Kelley stars in “Fear in the Night” (1947) #JourneyIntoNoir #FilmNoir

“Damm it Jim! I am a Doctor not a film noir protagonist…..wait a minute!!!“ DeForest Kelley stars in “Fear in the Night” (1947) #JourneyIntoNoir #FilmNoir


lupita nyong’o, like matthew mcconaughey, portrayed a real-life person who is no longer alive and was so self-aware and graceful to automatically recognize patsy’s struggles. mcconaughey called himself his hero and never even mentioned the victims of HIV/AIDS despite the fact that he would not have won an oscar if a man hadn’t died from AIDS. think about that.

Important observation here.